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Welcome to

A quick intro...a few years ago I realized that the writing was on the wall as far as my business and work was concerned, and the opportunity rose for a new direction.

Maybe a bit late in life but better late than never, right?

I decided to return to my teenage roots and revive my long forgotten and unrealized passion for making music. I was a bass player so naturally, that's the place to start, and fortunately I had a few bucks in the back and could invest in the gear.

The more I got in to it, the more I wanted to learn - let's push my musical ability as far as it can go I thought. First a partial Cert IV in Music Performance (Box Hill Institute) which inspired me to last year (2021) complete a Diploma in Music and Sound production (Melbourne Polytechnic).

Thankfully, school was a different experience this time around. Maybe because the training is specific, of real interest and of course, I'm a little older and more mature (maybe).

From here on it's continued learning, consolidation and try to turn it in to some (hopefully) enjoyable and interesting music for your ears. Have a listen here and feel free to leave some feedback.




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