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Life Change

My first second post ever and a while since my first first post.

Time flies when you're having fun, although, the things that have taken my time have not all been fun. Sure, I'm still educating myself on various challenges in composition, recording, mixing, etc., and further challenges of music distribution, marketing, social media and the like, which is huge fun.

The parts that haven't been fun?

As part of my current life change (and no...I'm way beyond the mid-life one), I've sold my apartment to shrink in to a motor home (yikes). My eventually travel this big land to make music on the to speak. To be influenced by new people, places, experiences.

This is all very exciting and adventurous, and I am definitely looking forward to it, but the task of down-sizing has been somewhat sad. Having to unload a lot of the material things that simply won't fit in a motor home. Not that material are especially important going forward, but they do represent past memories.

Most at least have found their own new home, but others have had to go to land-fill - the worst of which is a clean, comfortable queen-size bed, 3 years old, good quality, perfect condition that no-one wants, apparently due to Covid-19 fears! And to top that, I'm charged $200 to have it removed! I feel bad that I'm not helping the environment but there seems no alternative.

I'm sure I will recover and move on to next week's focus on getting my new home sorted, un-box my studio and get back to making some music.

More to come.


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