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Below are a few current/recent works for you to have a listen to. Feel free to leave a comment (click anywhere on the lower part of the audio map to open in SoundCloud) - I'd love to hear your thoughts. You can check out all my published tracks in SoundCloud here.

You can also listen to all tracks on your preferred streaming platform above.

I hope you enjoy.

Composed while feeling a little disconnected with what's happening in the world. (Mar 2022)

I composed and produced this after reading the book "The Girl with no Name" - the story of Marina Chapman, A young girl who is abducted and abandoned in the Colombian jungle. She spends five years living with a family of monkeys before being found and sold into slavery. The production aims to reflect the story of a lost child who overcomes the fear and dangers of the wild, and the despair of the streets to finally reclaim her life. (Dec 2021)

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