Below are a few current/recent works for you to have a listen to. Feel free to leave a comment (click anywhere on the lower part of the audio map to open in SoundCloud,) - I'd love to hear your thoughts. You can check out all my published tracks in SoundCloud here.

These tracks are now in the process of being published as an album of 2021 work to Spotify, Apple Music and other music streaming services.

I hope you enjoy.

Latest track attempting to describe a journey from fear to well being or enlightenment with a jungle theme. (Dec 2021)

Most of my early compositions have been very sad for some reason. This was a deliberate attempt to create an inspiring did I do?  (Sep 2021)

First attempt at a trailer track - an imaginary scene of an underworld funeral ceremony and follow-up "retibution"  (July 2021)

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