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Born in the small town of Bairnsdale in eastern Victoria, Phillip's passion for music developed as a teenage musician as many do. He loved the bass, the music and performing, but alas, he had to "get a hair-cut and get a real job" as the phrase goes.


Many years later (2018, age 58), Phillip made a late-comer return to the bass and music generally - deciding to re-invent after a long career in Architecture and construction technologies.  

Aiming to become a better bassist and vocalist, Phillip enrolled in music performance at Box Hill Institute and was introduced to music theory, production and its technologies. He developed a particular interest in Ableton Live, virtual instruments, effects, etc.

Armed with this new knowledge, Phillip decided to complete his Diploma in Music and Sound Production in 2021. This study lead him further in to music theory, composition and cinematic music – an area where he committed 2022 to in-depth study and to develop a portfolio of orchestral and cinematic tracks (go to the Music page to listen to a few.


Early in 2023, Phillip relocated from Melbourne to the Northern Rivers area of NSW – partially a lifestyle choice to move away from Melbourne, but choosing this region because of its awesome live music scene, and film and TV industry. Phillip is hoping to collaborate with local musicians, studios, writers, directors and producers to further develop his new-found passion for composition in screen media, and also as a session bassist.


The journey continues.

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