When I'm Sixty-Four (not quite there yet)

Born in 1960 in small town of eastern Victoria, but spent most of my adult life based in Melbourne, in a non-musical career.

In 2018 I realized that my professional (non-musical) career of 35 odd years would be coming to a close and probably had just a few years left!


At 58, I felt like I should take the opportunity for a new direction, and since I'd never really pushed my teenage passion for making music, I decided a trip back to the future is in store for this old guy.


So, off to the music shop to get some gear and sit down to loosen up my old bass fingers, join a band, pretend super star, have a blast!!


So 2022 is underway and getting excited to continue composing and producing orchestral/cinematic music and ongoing development. I've received my Diploma and distributed a few tracks. Set up the necessary social media platforms and now looking at the, for me, confusing side of generating a following - never been good at self promotion, but...onwards and upwards.


I’ve never had any exposure to the orchestra, orchestral music, or even orchestral instruments! I’ve never been a fan of the classics, so I’m surprised by my new interest. Maybe it’s that I’m in the mood for new challenges, or maybe that this form of music can support such a wide range – from soft emotions through to epic battle scenes, across many different genre and style. Let’s face it, I’ll never come close to emulating Hans Zimmer, but no harm in trying, right?


Watch this space – more to come.